Miracle on Westheimer:

“I cannot even begin to express how amazing this food is…The fries come out first & actually taste like a potato!…Then, the Piéce de résistance…the burger. Made on Mt. Olympus & flown to the Burger Guys. Juices explode. Sauces perfectly accent…Top it off with the best homemade ice cream shake in the world.”

All Around Amazing:

“Is it possible to drool while eating?…I’ve been on the search for the perfect burger & I believe I found it here. I expected this place to be good, but THIS GOOD?…We got a fried egg on our burgers, and it transcended it to the next level…The duck fries were offered with an array of dipping sauces that were sublime. I had the Cafe Sua-Da Milkshake…wow. I want this product accessible to me at all times. This establishment was a little out of the way for me, but it’s well worth the drive!”
-Brenda L

One Word – Delicious:

“This place is amazing!…They kill the urge for any other burger from any other place…and the staff is wonderful as well.”
-Darren L.

The Best Burgers Ever:

“I visit various burger establishments in Houston hoping to find the perfect burger. I found it at the Burger Guys. I ordered the Sonoma, and it was best burger I’ve ever had in Houston and beyond!…They completely impressed me. I don’t plan to eat a burger anywhere else.”