Keurig v/s Standard Drip Coffee: What’s Better and Why?

With the help of this researched article, we’ll be discussing two most versatile coffee brewing methods. Drip coffee is an automatic way of brewing coffee that can be used to produce somewhat different results. On the other hand, Keurig coffee is best for having an instant single cup of coffee.

Keurig offers different tastes and options in your coffee. Some may argue that the coffee is more sugar than it is actual coffee as it depends on K-cup.

What is the actual truth, how and why it is better than drip coffee? You’ll get all the answers as you read further.

Difference between Keurig coffee and Drip coffee

Before we start comparing both the coffees, let’s first see how they are different.

• Since Keurig coffee is single serve so it is quicker to brew than drip coffee. Also, Keurig is more expensive because of the K-cups.
• Keurig coffee is produced by a single company but you still have many ways to brew it. On the other hand, drip coffee has many forms and machines you can use to brew.
• You can make more cups of coffee with drip coffee maker than Keurig.
Many people believe that Keurig is not the same as instant coffee and is actually quite different from it. So, let’s start with Keurig coffee first.

Is Keurig coffee better than drip coffee?

There is no doubt in it that Keurig coffee is much better than the drip coffee in many ways and the most important reason is how quickly it is ready.

Keurig coffee is a perfect option for those who live alone and the taste is not as bad as instant coffee and can be prepared very fast.

Keurig coffee is not actually the instant coffee, the instant one is made from pre-brewed coffee. It melts into the coffee and gives you bit sour taste as it is essentially dried-out brewed coffee.

Whereas, Keurig coffee is prepared from actual coffee grinds. K-cups use the correct amount of coffee grinds for a single serve. The machine forces hot water through the cup at a fixed pressure and temperature to give you an instant hot cup of coffee.

The K-cups comes with a special filter that doesn’t allow grinds to pass through, so don’t worry about the chunks left over in the coffee.

Keurig coffee is one of the unique brewing methods. Keurig K55 is their most popular model and these machines not only brew coffee but are also designed for making tea, hot chocolate, and more.

They can be pricier than the drip coffee maker but ultimately they are rather affordable and are worth the investment.

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Is drip coffee maker better than a Keurig coffee maker?

Well, the drip coffee maker is able to make coffee in bulk but they cannot brew faster than a Keurig coffee maker. Although it is automatic still you cannot get unique tastes that you can get from a Keurig coffee maker.

One of the advantages of drip coffee maker is that they are inexpensive and save a lot of time. Some of the machines are available with internal clocks to set time for brewing, so you can get your coffee on time after you get up with no hassle.

Keurig coffee maker

So Drip coffee or Keurig coffee?

If you are on a budget and you can’t afford to have Keurig coffee maker then definitely drip coffee maker would be a perfect choice for you.

Certainly, all the brewing methods are healthy to an extent, but drip coffee maker is bit level up as it doesn’t have excess flavoring in it.

If you really need your caffeine, Keurig is not made for you as they don’t have a very high concentration of caffeine. Though, there are some K-cups that have higher concentrations.

So basically. Drip coffee makers cannot really beat the versatility of Keurig coffee makers, but drip maker can be the best backup option when you don’t have anything.

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