4 Types of Drills For the Woodworker in You

A cordless drill is a great tool to use for drilling and fastening usage in woods, metals, etc. and can be really handy in home projects or professional projects. To able to choose a good cordless drill for yourself, you need to understand the features and factors that differentiate one drill from another.

There are mainly 4 types of Cordless Drills in the market right now: Drill Driver, Hammer drills, Rotatory hammers, and Impact drivers.

Let us take a look at each drill to learn more about it so that you have an idea what to look out for when buying a Cordless drill for yourself:

1. Drill Driver

One of the most popular types of the cordless drill is the Drill Driver which is efficient in driving fasteners and drill through various types of materials like wood, brick, metal, and so on. This is also easy and convenient to use as it can easily fit in your hand and you can move it quickly from one target area to another.

Drill Driver

However, there is one small drawback with this drill which makes it a little difficult to use. It is slightly large in size which makes it a bad choice for tight spaces but if you ignore this small glitch, then this is the perfect drill for most people.

2. Hammer Drills

A good cordless drill for professionals who work with metal, concrete, and wood quite often is the Hammer drill. This type of drill usually thrusts forward and rotates which makes it more efficient in driving fasteners and drilling through the masonry materials. A hammer drill requires more energy and usually weighs heavy which makes it unfit for home use and popular for professional usage.

3. Rotatory Hammers

The advanced and bigger version of a Hammer drill is a Rotatory hammer which can drill and chisel through all types of masonry materials. This type of drill is powerful and are more efficient at material removal than other types of drills.

Rotatory Hammers

It can also be transported around as it doesn’t use electricity but since it weighs 10 pounds, it is not advisable for home usage. This is a good cordless drill for professional use and is ideal for people who need to drill through hard surfaces every so often.

4. Impact Drivers

Another great drill type for home and small wood projects is the Impact driver which is a slightly better version of the Drill Driver. This type of drill has higher torque than a drill driver which makes it more efficient in installing and removing nuts, bolts, etc. Its size is also more compact than the standard drill drivers which make it quite useful in tight spaces as well. However, since this drill packs a lot of power in itself, it is not ideal for drilling holes but is still a great tool for rough carpentry work.

So now that you have learned about the various types of drills that are available, why not check out their features and choose the perfect one for yourself?

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